Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“The alerts alone in Cube4 pay for the cost of the product!”

The alerts alone in Cube4 pay for the cost of the product. The time card alerts in particular have saved me time and money. I always thought I did a great job of reviewing payroll each period. Then I went back 11 months, and looked at all the punches that were 12 hours or more. I found thousands of dollars’ worth of overtime money due to incorrect punches where people forgot to clock out, or the system generated an incorrect clock out. I couldn’t believe how much money I had spent paying unnecessary or incorrect overtime. Now, with Cube4, I just quickly scan my alerts each week before I do payroll. It’s a huge help, since it automatically catches those kinds of errors!

Owner of multiple restaurant franchises

Cube4 helps avoid unnecessary insurance payments”

I really like the alerts in Cube4. I’ve been able to stay on top of my insurance costs with the inactive employee alerts. I set the threshold to 45 days, and now I receive an alert when an employee hasn’t entered a time card in that time period. After just a few months of using Cube4, I’ve already been able to identify 5 employees who I was paying insurance for, when they’re no longer with the company! That’s a few thousand dollars in savings right there.

Benefits manager, major fast food restaurant chain