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Complete Compliance

At the push of a button, you can document, analyze, and better manage your workforce to stay in complete compliance with federal legislation, no matter the size of your business. Through a sequence of easy-to-use tools, you are able to track, analyze, and submit the necessary documentation to gain full compliance.

I didn't know how complicated the legislation was until I started trying to track things myself. It didn't take long for excel sheets to get to the point where I was scrolling for half a minute just to get to the end of the document. Cube4 saved me and my time so that I could focus on what matters: my business.

Small business owner

System Independence

Cube4 doesn't require adoption of a particular system of record. Instead, we leverage existing systems to derive the data we need. This makes our product "plug and play"—once we are hooked up to your system of record, we instantly start providing you with employee metrics and compliance reports. Additionally, because our solution is system-agnostic, we can accept multiple systems of record for a single client.

Cube4 already has interfaces developed for many commonly-used systems of record. Even if an interface needs to be developed for your system(s), development typically takes under 2 weeks, and there is no additional charge to your organization.

Workforce Intelligence

Cube4 also provides you with the critical information you need to help you most efficiently manage your workforce. Our configurable solution identifies and alerts you about:

  1. employees working too many or too few hours
  2. "active" employees who haven't logged any hours recently
  3. timecards that exceed a certain number of hours worked.

Our systems will automatically notify you with this important information through red flag alerts, and on your Cube4 dashboard).  We also will automatically reach out to your employees with insurance offers and submit your documents to the government.

Role-based Security

Security is of the utmost importance, particularly with sensitive employee data. Cube4 understands that no two businesses are alike, and we tailor your accounts to meet your needs, while ensuring security and compliance. Role-based access ensures that managers will only be able to monitor their realm of oversight, and employees will only see what is necessary and relevant to them. Notifications and alerts are sent and escalated (when required) according to individual responsibility.