Managing ACA Compliance and More by Removing Complexity

Cube4 brings intelligence and compliance to your business in an easy to use solution that is based on your data.
Manage, monitor and analyze your data and facililate employee communication.

Cube4 performs all the complex calculations, forecasting, document generation and audit trails, to ensure that your business is compliant with the ever-changing legislation. Reports can be filed electronically, saving time and administration. Learn more about Cube4's extensive features.
Cube4 is a stand-alone solution that works with any system of record, and automatically pulls data as frequently as daily, ensuring you have the most accurate data possible. We are not dependent on any payroll system or benefits provider – we can work with anybody! Learn more about our system of independence.
Not only will Cube4 help your business comply with federal law, but we save you money! Alerts, reports, and recommendations on effective employee management help catch timecard errors, reduce unwanted overtime, ensure that you are not making unnecessary payments, and more. Look at some examples.

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